Enable auto-complete in shell (command prompt) in Windows 2003 server

Out of the box, command prompt (cmd) in Windows 2003 Server has the auto-complete (tab-complete) feature disabled. To fix the problem open regedit and create following DWORD keys:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]

Open new command window and your TAB completion is working!

Ultimate Scrambled Eggs for Geeks

I just invented An Ultimate Scrambled Eggs. Here comes the recipe:
1/2 red grilled pepper
1 slice of ham
100g of king prawns
Green Jalapeño peppers
1/2 lrg red onion
1 lrg carrot
1 lrg tomato
2 eggs.
Chop veggies and ham and fry with prawns and three drops of Tabasco until carrot is tender. Add eggs and fry a bit more.


Does Agile really suck?

I just got a link to a digital edition of NT Insider, paper I used to read during my university studies (it seems pretty hard core stuff now…). Since then I forgot all about IRQs and kernel level debugging, but I remember I always loved “Peter Pontificates”.

See “Pros & Cons of Agile SW Development Methodology” to understand why agile is a temple of stupidity and was designed strictly for idiots, who wouldn’t do anything properly anyhow. Or maybe not? Peter at his best ;)
Here’s a direct link to pdf file.

Export Oracle Database to SQL

For those of us who have some experience with MySQL exporting the data to sql just just a normal way of working. No big fuss, just start phpmyadmin, select export and it’s done. With Oracle is not as easy – you can create dump using exp and import it using imp. Which is useless if you need to modify some data in between.
Google suggests many shareware tools to do the export, which will cost you at least $49. I, on the other hand, suggest using Free and supported SQL Developer from Oracle. It has tons of great features, one of which is Database Export. Just follow a simple creator and you’re done!