Translate And Speak!

Important notice

The Translate and Speak Chrome extension is not working in most of countries anymore. Google started charging for each translated character and I can’t pay for all of us. I haven’t found any other usable translation service, so this extension won’t be maintained. The source code is open, if you want to take it over – feel free to do so.
Thank you for using Translate and Speak

TranslateMe is a chrome extension, which lets you translate words or phrases from a page with just two clicks. Select some text on a web page, right click on it and select Translate.

You can also send the selected text to Google Translate by selecting Full Translation option in context menu. Alternatively you can use pop up to translate typed text:

Register on project webpage to become part of a community

TranslateMe supports all languages available on Google Translate. Open “Options” page to change settings.

Extenstion Page on Chrome Web Store Install TranslateMe or on Chrome Extensions Page

GitHub link:

Version History

Learning module integrated.
Icon updated to match chrome recommendations.
Polish translation added.
v1.6.1 Major milestone:
* Extension now stores all searches in WebSQL DB
* Extension now contains popup with:
– Quick Translate option – translate manually entered data
– List of all translated phrases
* Pop up is written using ExtJS and jQuery
v1.5 New features:
* Show on Wikipedia
* Show on Wiktionary
v1.4.1 Bug fix, the notification displaying translated text did correctly handle detected language.
v1.4 New functionality added:
* Speak! – Extension now reads any text up to 100 chars (limited by google’s API)
* Translation with automatically detected language
Also the name has been changed from TranslateMe to “Translate and Speak!”
v1.3.1 Extension hasn’t restored destination language from local storage, fixed
v1.3 Google Analytics added (so I will know if I should work on the extension or just drop it if nobody cares ;))
v1.2 Release :)
v1.0 Pre-Release

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