3G is rubbish

Some time ago I’ve started dreaming about three year long travel around Europe. My current position let’s me work from home, Caravans are cheaper than houses, so I thought I could travel on weekends and work during weekneds from any place without even letting my customer know where I roamed. I imagined how great will be to spend winter in Italy or Portugal and summer in Norway!

When holiday time finally came, I took laptop and a 3G Huawei USB dongle from O2 which I keep in case of my home broadband failure. I’ve connected it during our first stopover in small hotel near  Newcastle, bought access and went on line. It was somewhat slow for first minute or so and then the connection felt down to GPRS. It was going up to 3G, then back to GPRS. Memories of 14.4 came back, it took me an hour to find a B&B for next stay.

Next night we stayed in beautiful capital of Highlands – Inverness. I decided to share my joy on facebook, I’ve opened my laptop. Green led on modem was showing there were no 3G signal, but EDGE was available with signal strength 4 on 5 . But connecting was basically all it could do – with losses at 80% I had to gave up.

Our last destination was a nice B&B near Portree on Isle of Skye. There was no point checking if the connection will work – mobiles shown no coverage at all.

It seems my dream has to wait unless I’m ready to live in a caravan somewhere near London. Or London. Or maybe London…

By mgorecki


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