Home audio system – solved!

I’ve been struggling for quite a time with setting up home audio system that can play my mp3 collection (about 8500 files) without need to turn my computer on. I failed to find reasonably priced audio system, so I bought LG 2.1 Home Theater system – HB354BS, which can play mp3 from usb drive. The sound it produces is really nice – solid base, clear trebles, powerful medium range – more than enough for me!

The HT system has one issue – it supports only 1999 files per drive. This is nowhere near my requirement, but I found out that it treats partitions as separate drives. I split my usb drive to four partitions, which gave me space for 8k files. 500 files had to go away (sorry Andrea Bocelli and some scene mp3 stuff), but now I can listen whatever I want (currenlty Tracy Chapman – Mountains O’Things)! :) With my TV off (and computer on, but I can close the lid and the music will be playing!) :)

By mgorecki


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