Limitation of Chrome Extensions API

The Chrome Extension model is amazingly easy to use with just few basic concepts to understand. But there are rather severe limitations. The most important I found so far:

  • There is no easy and consistent way to create option page. Developer needs to create option page as any normal HTML page, this is just overkill! See Extension options page, Chrome issue cr25317.
  • Attaching action to context menu is limited in many ways:
    • You can’t add two items to context menu. Chrome automatically creates a group called after the extension and puts all your items into this submenu.
    • Callback method from event gets very limited amount of data about the click – e.g. you can’t easily read the contents of a link (A) tag right-clicked by user.
  • There is no way you can modify the title of the link in context menu when it’s being displayed (no OnShow or similar event).

Expect edits here.

By mgorecki

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