Serious flaw in MacBook Air design makes you lose weight

Warning: graphic details.

I have identified a serious flaw in MacBook Air design. Now I have either lose weight or buy other laptop. I think I will choose the former. But what is this all about? It’s because the touchpad. Well…

Mac OS X UI is driven by brilliant use of multitouch gestures. Doing an action with one finger does something else that the same action using two or three fingers. Now look on the Air – it’s so slick that it almost screams “put me on your lap now!”. Now imagine a fat guy (like me) with a laptop so thin that it starts to move under his loathsome belly. It goes deeper, deeper and deeper until the fat tissue starts touching the touchpad adding one additional touch point to all your gestures. Each click becomes right click, each mouse move becomes a scroll.

That is gross. I’m buying myself a gym membership today.

By mgorecki

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