Windows 7 beats 7zip by mile

I had to copy a Tomcat log from our test machine to my laptop for closer examination. The file was over 2GB long (2119785999 bytes). Our test machine belongs to everyone, so no one maintains it correctly (yes, yes, I know…). Due to that it lack any tools but the bare minimum. It also lacks any 3rd party file archiver, so I used “Send to Compressed feautre” from Windows 7. I’m still awed about the result – it’s blazing fast and effective!

I run some tests and I could not believe the results. But here the are:

Tool Time Size of archive
Windows 7 0m 45s 255,589B
7zip format 7zip, normal 3m 59s 467,694B
total commander packer 0m 55s 10,608,848B
7zip format zip, ultra 8m 41s 11,183,145B
7zip format zip, normal 3m 45s 13,927,373B

Big respect to Microsoft for the result!

By mgorecki

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