How to start flying quadcopters

It has been almost six weeks since I started flying quadcopters (see early results here: ). There’s a lot I learned so far:
* it’s physics baby! bringing the controller stick back does not slow down/stop the machine – it changes the force generated by propellers, so the quadcoper will keep moving for a while and ultimately it will accelerate.
* using cheaper and smaller quadcoper helps. Risking crashing $500 isn’t a nice feeling. Nor it the feeling that you can hurt someone.
* flying quadcopters is harder than driving cars.
* it’s worth joining a club – for guidance and insurance
* buying a lot of spare parts make the flying more interesting. Having 4 batteries gives you enough time to have some fun and having spare propellers mitigate the fear of crashing
* it’s addictive, it’s fun
* you will crash

I highly recommend a Hubsan X4. It’s relatively easy to fly and very durable. Mine has survived tens of crashes and other abuse. The set of propellers costs 1.5 GBP and you can get spare batteries for around 3GBP. And it looks really nice ;)

By mgorecki

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