Probably the best sandwich in the world!

Yesterday I have invented the best sandwich in the world! Some will call it gourmet!

Here is the recipe:

  1. Toast two pieces of Warburtons medium white bread (or similar – any good white toast should be ok).
  2. Spread a medium layer of Red Onion Chutney (I recommend English Provender Co.) on one piece of toast. Let it sink in a bit.
  3. Pour some Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings Sauce (I recommend Frank’s) on the other piece of bread.
  4. Cover the onion chutney with a medium slice of fresh, mild gouda cheese.
  5. Put a think slice of a thick Chorizo sausage in the middle.
  6. Put generous slices of sweet tomato.
  7. Add two slices of strong, white onion.
  8. Put few cucumber slices on top of the onion. Add salt.
  9. Close the sandwich. Cut and consume immediately!

I have no photo of this exquisite dish, because the sandwich disappears before I manage to find a camera. Try it!

By mgorecki

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