How to fix Hubsan X4 transmiter

My Hubsan X4 (H107) had developed a problem synchronizing with transmitter (tx to rx). Since I had to disassemble it completely and solder broken battery cable I wasn’t optimistic that I could fix it. But I knew the quadcopter was flying after my repairs, so I kept thinking that the problem may lay somewhere else.

I suspected the transmitter. Symptoms below were appearing in random order:
* Hubsan X4 established link to transmitter (LEDs on), but does not react to throttle
* Link is established, but drops immediately – LEDs flashing on quad-copter or LED flashing on transmitter
* Red LED flashing quickly on the transmitter

I tried all the usual IT magic: turn it off and on again, shake, press all buttons in random order and combinations etc. with no result. I tried to do the factory reset and recalibration – the transmitter did not respond to that. I needed to think outside of the box. And then it hit me!

The solution was (drumroll…) to change the batteries in transmitter.

The Hubsan X4 transmitter has a battery status build in, but it seems to be broken – it was showing more the batteries still have 3/5 of the juice while the batteries were clearly dead.


By mgorecki


  1. I’ve taken apart my hubsan 3 times and resoldered my power chords 3 times before reading this. My batteries also said the were mostly charged but was the reason for me disconnecting.. Thank you and your hat picture is exactly how I feel. I thought I could trust the onscreen monitor. Guess that’s what I get for paying 40 dollars for an awesome toy. Thank you

  2. OMG thank you x10000000 i was about to go crazy trying to figure this out. YOU DA MAN for posting this solution. Obviously the battery indicator on the controller is sh!t

  3. Duuuuuude!!! Thank you so much! I have the same problem here. And it is solved!!!

  4. OMG, I had just got my quad stuck so high in the tree. I had to use the hose to get it down, but then the throtle didn’t work anymore. I thought it was stuffed. I had very little faith this was the issue but it worked !!! Thank you so much !!!

  5. This comment made my day. I struggled several days with binding to the copter. The radio control displayed all the info but did not enter binding or calibration modes. This entire time battery showed 3 out of 5. I reassembled the drone, reassembled the radio control, in the process, had to resolder a tiny LED light wire with a huge 100W soldering iron and burned my sofa because of forgetting to turn it off. And the issue was in FRICKING BATTERIES!!

    Huge thanks from Ukraine, bro. This should be #1 link in google for searching problems with binding.

  6. I also would like to thank you for this wonderful information. I had only used mine for a few hours then put it up for a few days and then could not get the drone to fire up. I put all fresh batteries in it and it is fine now. Thank you for this…. Karen

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