Bandit the Quadcopter crashed / useless prop guards

And so I crashed today. I flew too far, lost orientation and decided for a firm landing instead of flying away into unknown. I’m glad I haven’t put cameras on this time.

Just last week I have installed the Diatone 5025 Propeller Guards. They looked nice and the green/red colours LEDs helped with orientation during hoovering, but not in flight. I’ve installed them to match DJI Phantom – red in front and green on the back, but I found them more confusing than helpful. Anyway – they lasted exactly one crash. The propellers indeed didn’t break, but one of them got bent. So the guards haven’t delivered on their promise. I paid £15 for them for which I could 8 full sets of propellers. Don’t buy them.

Now back to the workshop :)

By mgorecki

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