3D Printing something useful – headphone cable organizer

In order to convince my wife (any myself) that the printer is useful I decided to solve her problem with headphone cable laying on the floor and being squashed with the chair wheel.

This is a quick prototyping in practice: 8:45 design begins, 9:10 printing starts, 10:11 printing done, 10:25 installed!

I started with a project in a tinkercad (https://www.tinkercad.com/things/iLZHAGRfrbA-headphone-cable-organizer):


Then it printed like this (I’m sorry of the quality of the photos, I blame Sony for it!). You can see the support slic3r added to print the overhang bit:


Here you can see how the printer struggled to make the overhangs outside the support (bridge). It does quite clever job – the nozzle goes outside the perimeter of previous layer and releases some plastic moving very quickly until it reaches something solid. Viscosity of the plastic is just enough for it not to drop all the way before it solidifies. This is one of the areas which require tuning.


After I’ve removed the support the parts starts looking as it should:


And finally the part was installed.


Lessons learnt:

* I still need to tune the bridge printing

* The screw holes should match the screw head. The screws I used had a cone head and when I screwed them in the plastic bracket cracked.



By mgorecki


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