WebEx error on Windows 10 – solved!

After Windows 10 update of September, 2nd the WebEx stopped working – it is displaying following message: “Invalid input or system error. Please try again or contact your site administrator.”


Bad news:

WebEx ignores the problem as WebEx is not compatible with Windows 10 (in compatibility matrices and words of tech support).


Good news:

There are two workarounds!

  1. Use IETab in Chrome. When you connect to the WebEx from inside IETab it will reinstall the plugin and then connect correctly!
  2. Use WebEx productivity tools to start new meetings or connect to ones you were invited do. Unfortunately this won’t work for meetings to which the invitation was forwarded for you – you must be on original list.


I’ll stay with IETab.

By mgorecki



  1. No need for IE Tab – Use Internet Exlorer – Just push F12, select Emulation, and then select Internet Explorer 8 as the user agent string.

  2. Zain – it worked for me! Marcin, thank you for keeping the tip on line. I found it via Google :)

  3. You can also put the WebEx site into IE11’s Enterprise Mode – which emulates IE8. That worked for me.

  4. Another way, as suggested by Oracle:

    “Please note that while Windows 10 is not supported for WebEx you can follow these instructions as a workaround:

    WebEx will work on Windows 10 with Chrome by using these steps:

    1. Right Click the Chrome icon on your desktop.
    2. Go to Properties.
    3. Go to Compatibility.
    4. Tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
    5. From the dropdown list select “Windows 7”.
    6. Access the WebEx link provided for the class from the Chrome browser.
    7. Enter your name and e-mail on the top right side of the page.
    8. Click “Join now”.
    9. Wait for WebEx to load.

    Note: Alternatively, after you click join now (Step 8), on the page that appears you can click “Run a temporary application” which will run a one-time plug-in to enter the WebEx session.”

  5. The way with IETab works for me… but is there any other way (except of compatibility mode)? I can’t believe webex can’t fix it

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