EV Road Trip

Here’s my very positive experience from a two week European road trip in Ioniq 2020 (new for me, owned for about a month now):

* We drove 2971 miles and spent almost £110 on electricity with average consumption of 5.1 mi/kWh. There are a lot of free chargers available (rapid chargers at McDonalds and Lidl, hotel chargers etc.) that are great for flexible road tripping. We had time and this was an EV-learning trip.

* We drove on a mix of highways and local ways driving within local speed limits. Max speed was 106mph on an autobahn (I chickened out and did not push further), but usually 70-80mph on highways. I have a light foot, but I didn’t focus on eco driving too much (no 55mph on a highway to save electricity etc.)

* We successfully charged in the UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Netherlands.

* Looking for a cheaper can be an adventure, but planning isn’t really required everywhere as the chargers are always nearby, although driving to charge points took us into some unexpected locations (for example: a Police station in Poland, industrial park in Austria and a Porsche showroom in Luxemburg)

* It pays to ask for chargers at the hotels even if they do not advertise it. I charged with a granny charger overnight twice (one cheap, one free).

* At least two roaming RFIDs are needed. Many chargers have different prices depending on the payment provider – from free to €0.7/kWh+€0.1/min. A lot of playing with apps is needed if you don’t want to overpay. 

* Electric Juice was by far the cheapest option with many free (!) rapid chargers available in Austria, Slovakia and Czechia. Shell is most widely accepted, but very expensive. Shell prices often included both “per kWh” and “per minute” price components, but it works almost everywhere.

* Finding a charger without a phone is next to impossible anywhere outside autobahns in Germany, where they are marked as well as regular gas stations.  

* Not a single app shows all chargers. Google maps shows a lot of chargers that are unusable due to the location of charging methods.

My referral link to Electric Juice: https://electricjuice.octopus.energy/network/sign-up?referralCode=sky-shale-456

By mgorecki