About Me

var about = {
   "name" : "Marcin Gorecki",
   "tags" : [
         "Computer Lover", 
         "Internet Believer", 
         "Software Enthusiast", 
         "Technology Freak",
         "Problem solving developer",
   "locations" : [
         "Kidderminster, UK (current)",
         "Elm Park, UK (past)",
         "Round Rock, TX, USA (past)",
         "Norwood, MA, USA (past)",
         "London, UK (past)",
         "Toulouse, FR (past)",
         "Łódź, PL (past)"
   "likes" : {
         "Languages" : [
         "Free Time" : [
                "Machine Learning", 
         "Food" : [
                "Anything I can make", 
   "dreams" : [
         "Open Source Monument", 
         "IPO from start up"

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