Geek way of buying silver wedding rings

Disclaimers: 1. this post mentions my shop. 2. I’m sure we offer a great deal! If you are looking preparing for a wedding and you want to keep it real (i.e. don’t want to copy celebrities in their race for overspending) then consider buying Silver Wedding Rings instead of gold. Here’s why: * you want… Continue reading Geek way of buying silver wedding rings

Harry Fay supports Cancer Markers research

Since last few days Harry Fay is donating some CPU time to support Cancer Marker research on World Community Grid. Our team page is: I hope those cpu cycles will help someone to survive this awful disease.

Silver rings with fast uk delivery

If you are looking for a silver ring in your own size please have a look on Harry Fay’s silver rings with fast uk delivery page. I personally guarantee you will be happy with your purchase or you get your money back!

I won an iPad :)

Prestashop made a great ecommerce software (shopping cart) and Harry Fay is running successfully on it. The software is stable, easily configurable and the customization framework is well thought-through. And last week Prestashop gave me something more – an iPad. I won in it their give away. Here it is in action:

OVH hosting – piece of crap

It’s an eight day since problems with my hosting account started. My website is not available or takes 20s to respond. I understand hardware failures, but their recovery practices are inadequate. “Performance” package my ass. I’m moving out. I should have done it a week ago.

How to integrate Prestashop e-commerce site with Shopzilla

So you decided to integrate your shop with Shopzilla. If you are reading this in March 2014 then come back in a month to learn is it worth it. If you are decided then read on. There are some commercial solutions available that will connect your shop to Shopzilla. The cost roughly 100 GBP. It’s… Continue reading How to integrate Prestashop e-commerce site with Shopzilla