FPV VTX power – is 25mW enough?

In UK we have a legal VTX power limit of 25mW. A lot of people ignores this limit and fly on 250mW or even 600mW. This is silly, as it invalidates their insurance. Here’s a great article what to have a better range and still stay within legal limits: http://www.truerc.ca/news/rf-link-budget-2. Physics baby!

FPV 250 racing quadcopter – first tests

Last weekend I’ve added FPV camera and transmitter to my quadcopter. I’ve used FatShark 600TVL camera, ImmersionRC transmitter, minimosd OSD module (flashed for cc3d), FatShark power regulator and a cheap FPV camera mount I got from ebay: The camera mount requires two servos, which can be used to provide stabilization and view “forward” even when… Continue reading FPV 250 racing quadcopter – first tests