EV Road Trip

Here’s my very positive experience from a two week European road trip in Ioniq 2020 (new for me, owned for about a month now): * We drove 2971 miles and spent almost £110 on electricity with average consumption of 5.1 mi/kWh. There are a lot of free chargers available (rapid chargers at McDonalds and Lidl, hotel chargers… Continue reading EV Road Trip

Looking for similar point and click games

I’m in a constant lookout for humours, sofa friendly point and click/adventure games. Please send me a suggestion if you know one. Here’s the list of game I played. I hope it gets indexed for you to find when you are on a quest to find a new game. I highly recommend all of the… Continue reading Looking for similar point and click games

Smart Home DIY on a tight budget

After twenty years of reading about smart homes I decided to finally make mine smart(-ish) as well. I’m working to reuse as much of existing infrastructure, so I can spend as little as possible. At the moment my system consist of: * hub * four google assistant speakers * hive thermostat * cctv camera *… Continue reading Smart Home DIY on a tight budget

Setting up LBC podcast in BeyondPod

LBC offers paid podcasts and BeyondPod supports authentication, but not the one http://lbc.audioagain.com/ uses. The typical link to feed advertised on the website looks like this: http://lbc.audioagain.com/podcast_feed.php?channel=subjames But there’s also a “hidden” link that accepts HTTP auth: http://lbc.audioagain.com/podcast.php?channel=subjames And the second one works well in BeyondPod.

FPV VTX power – is 25mW enough?

In UK we have a legal VTX power limit of 25mW. A lot of people ignores this limit and fly on 250mW or even 600mW. This is silly, as it invalidates their insurance. Here’s a great article what to have a better range and still stay within legal limits: http://www.truerc.ca/news/rf-link-budget-2. Physics baby!

Looping the loop and defying the ground… in an RC Aircraft over Essex

I’m currently learning to fly Remote Controlled Airplane. I’ve joined <a href=”http://www.thurrockmfc.co.uk”>Thurrock Model Flying Club</a> – a bunch of great, helpful guys! I had few lessons with on E-flite Apprentice S 15e (and a bit more on a simulator – PhoenixRC 5). Here is my plane:     And here are few videos from GoPro attached… Continue reading Looping the loop and defying the ground… in an RC Aircraft over Essex

My First Quadcopter Build – Parts and Tools Checklist

    Let’s start with something exciting – the final result! Say hallo to Bandit the Quad!   Building the Bandit was a lot of fun, but also a bit of frustration when I kept discovering I needed more things. Below you will find my final checklist.   Bill of materials Frame. I used Emax 250 Nighthawk Pro… Continue reading My First Quadcopter Build – Parts and Tools Checklist

I won an iPad :)

Prestashop made a great ecommerce software (shopping cart) and Harry Fay is running successfully on it. The software is stable, easily configurable and the customization framework is well thought-through. And last week Prestashop gave me something more – an iPad. I won in it their give away. Here it is in action: