Shit hit the fan? Reinvent yourself!

I have never owned a Nokia phone, but I have a big respect to this company. They managed to stay alive for 148 years despite changes in technology, markets, tastes and the world in general. It all started as a paper mill, moved to rubber boots, cables, TV sets up to networking and telecommunication equipment.… Continue reading Shit hit the fan? Reinvent yourself!

Stay Inspired

I’ve just got an email from London 2012 Olympics team. It contained a message I’m going to adopt for 2013:

Software is just like time

Some people this that building software is like building a chair. You take some raw materials, you saw and then glue it all together. But it is not, it’s much more Wibbly Wobbly. You need to be holistic when you try to build software.

I bet we can also!

If you are like me, then you need to get inspired every now and then. I hope this article will get you running again: 15 Incredibly Stupid Ways People Made Their Millions. I absolutely love One Red Paperclip story, it reminds me Twitchhiker’s story about a guy who traveled to the other side of Earth… Continue reading I bet we can also!

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Gorecki’s Regexp Rule

I just understood that there’s a thing worse that regular expression that’s not matching – it is the expression that is matching, but you don’t know why…