769 languages found on wiktionary.org!

Since google is charging for their translate service and bing translator is crap, I decided to switch to Wiktionary. I downloaded main dump marked “en” only to discover, that it contains a bit more than just English. Below is the list of languages with their corresponding word count. Are all of those languages real? Language… Continue reading 769 languages found on wiktionary.org!

Learn while you browse

Important notice The Translate and Speak Chrome extension is not working in most of countries anymore. Google started charging for each translated character and I can’t pay for all of us. I haven’t found any other usable translation service, so this extension won’t be maintained. The source code is open, if you want to take… Continue reading Learn while you browse

New features “Translate and speak!”

My chrome extension just got two new features: Show in Wikipedia Show in Wiktionary They do basically that they say on a tin. The language of both wiki sites is determined by Google’s translate language detection function. It’s not always accurate, but it’s best I can get at the moment. I encourage you to install… Continue reading New features “Translate and speak!”

Chrome can speak now!

Yesterday new version of “Translate and Speak!” (previously TranslateMe) Chrome Extension has been released and it’s now ready to download on Chrome Webstore. New features in version 1.4 include: “Speak!” function, which uses amazing Google’s TTS to read text Translate (detect language) function, which tries to guess language of the phrase before translating it to… Continue reading Chrome can speak now!

TranslateMe – my first Chrome extension

I spend long hours reading on-line (don’t we all?). Most of interesting material is available in English only (including en.wikipedia.org which is much superior to my native pl.wikipedia.org), so I tend to read all in that language. And as it is my second tongue, I need to use translator quite often. Google translator is doing… Continue reading TranslateMe – my first Chrome extension