The best IP address widget for Ubuntu

I’ve tested few of available ubuntu widgets for showing the IP address and the one I liked most is: It’s small, fast, simple and powerful. I love it.

AI may help electic cars Since a truck hauling 20 tons of freight needs a lot of energy to move, it has to stop fairly frequently to charge; the T-pod can make it 124 miles before it has to plug in again. For other electric semis, charging time is a bigger deterrent, because it’s also wasting a driver’s time.… Continue reading AI may help electic cars

Brexit as an excuse to speed up automation

“If U.K. employers embrace automation, 15 million British jobs could be lost, Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane has said. “

AI links 20.03.2017 Jak sztuczna inteligencja wpłynie na Twoje finanse? – cz.1 Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants to boost the brain to keep up with AI

Loss of jobs to AI and Robotics

3D Printing – building and first days

My thought after one week with my printer is: If you are a geek and you do not have a 3d printer yet, then go and buy one now. It’s fun, there’s a lot to learn and most of all – the results are really gratifying. I’ve even printed *something useful* with it already (I’ll write about… Continue reading 3D Printing – building and first days

How to fix Hubsan X4 transmiter

My Hubsan X4 (H107) had developed a problem synchronizing with transmitter (tx to rx). Since I had to disassemble it completely and solder broken battery cable I wasn’t optimistic that I could fix it. But I knew the quadcopter was flying after my repairs, so I kept thinking that the problem may lay somewhere else.… Continue reading How to fix Hubsan X4 transmiter