Asus RT-N16 (When a man loves his router)

This is a page about a most geeky router ever made – Asus RT-N16. Three most important features of this piece of hardware are:
* 480MHz Broadcom4718A CPU
* 128MB of RAM
* Full USB 2.0 support

This configuration is more that enough to set this router as a functional linux based home server! I recommend dd-wrt distribution.

My current configuration.

* Asus RT-N16
* Turtlebeach USB sound card connected to home theatre system
* External USB Seagate 160 GB HDD
** 2 partitions: 1GB Linux SWAP, 148GB Ext3fs for optware and file store

* dd-wrt (linux 2.6.24) os
* optware providing ipkg package manager
* mpd – music player deamon to play mp3 files
* two lighttpd instances – one for management console, second to serv PHP based pages
* Relaxx – PHP based UI for MPD (very responsive UI thanks to extensive Ajax usage)
* samba and ftp servers to share files over the internal network
* Screen terminal multiplexer
* Midnight Commander orthodox file manager
* perl 5.8.8
* pyton 2.7
* php 5.2.x
* Podcast downloader script that keeps me up to date with my favorite LBC show.
* ip-over-dns server, which gives you free internet on all airports, hotels etc.

If you have any questions about configuration feel free to contact me.

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