MGPlayer Podcast Player

TL;DR - resume listening to the podcast where you left it before.

MGPlayer is build around database of files you played. It keeps track of the location where you stopped listening to given file and let’s you continue listening from that place.


Currently available on github only:


* Keeps recent locations of all files played
* Jump to exact location in file by typing time or dragging minute and seconds with mouse (click and drag up or down)
* File-based (as opposed to library-based players)
* Select files to play by browsing history


* JavaFX framework with FXML for layout design
* JDBM2 – as key/value store
* Created as Netbeans 7.2.1 project with JavaFX Scene Builder 1.1

Version history

0.1 – initial release, uses local db. Works

To Do

* Server side back end for synchronization between instances.
* Path translation/hash based file recognition – currently using exact file path, requires same mount points on all systems
* Android app
* Bookmarking
* Notify user he already played given file (on open)

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