Things to do before I die

World is a such amazing place! People keep showing me more and more fascinating facts, places and activities, but my memory is not serving me well enough. I should have started this list long time ago, at least I would have some check marks already! So here it is – my private list of Things to do before I die.

Goal Added on Completed
Self-service shopping in Norway 2011-08-31
Montreal fireworks competition 2011-08-31
Visit Dubai 2011-09-10
Spend a night in Waldorf-Astoria Hotel 2011-09-10
Drive a boat on Falkirk Wheel 2011-09-27
Return to Yazoo City, MS to see if they recovered 2011-10-09
Visit Carnegie Hall 2011-11-06
See a flying fish
WMG: when i windsurf in maui, schools of them can explode out of the water at anytime and bounce off your sails and legs

i think the sound of the board makes them think a predator is coming and the next moment your are sailing at 25mph though the middle of an airborne school of fishi

Go around the world against a clock, so I end up a day older than calendar says 2012-01-02
Visit 32 Windsor Gardens London – home of Paddington Bear 2012-01-20
Dive into Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls 2012-10-26
Visit Wild West in Spain 1 and 2 2012-11-01
Train trip Glasgow-to-Mallaig 1 2013-05-25
Visit Radar museum 2014-08-27
World’s longest suspension footbridge opens in Switzerland 2017-08-01  
Cascata do Arado, Portugal, Vilar da Veiga, Portugal 2022-02-23  

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